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Bamboo Besek Ready for Export to johor baru Only at

Natural Besek

Bamboo Besek Ready for Export to George Town Only at

Introducing the original Indonesian container, bamboo besek. Made from authentic Indonesian bamboo which has no doubt about its quality. Crafted by professional hands to produce neat and quality besek webbing.

Why must besek bamboo? Because the bamboo basket uses materials from nature so it does not cause waste that is difficult to decompose. Can be used repeatedly, does not pile up garbage. Has various sizes, can request sizes.

Besides being more environmentally friendly, bamboo baskets are also able to inhibit the growth of anaerobic bacteria. This is because of the pores of the woven bamboo which makes for better air circulation. It is of course good for storing food.

Besides being good for storing food, bamboo baskets also have artistic value for storing goods.
Some of our besek models:

Natural Besek

Natural Besek

Available in sizes 5cm to 40 cm


Color Besek

Available in sizes 5 cm to 40 cm


Beautiful Besek

Beautiful Besek

Available in sizes 5 cm to 40 cm


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